Handmade gold-painted vintage lacquered personalized gift box for women.
The Miniature Kashmir papier mache jewelry box is a highly detailed and crafted box for your gift of love.
Our expert artisan Iftikhar has crafted and painted this box using organic paper mache and upcycled wood pulp. He has put real gold paint in the floral designs to make this a glorified piece of art.
Iftikhar has put all his year-long experience into pinning the most intricate details on this box.

This is a purely handmade and painted art box that you can gift your love to find great delight in them.
You will find some delicious floral patterns painted in varied color combinations on this box which add to its uniqueness.
The work of paper mache on this jewelry box is outmatched and unfounded.

Size: 9”6”2” ;

You can gift it as an anniversary gift, wedding gift, new mom gift box, gift for a bride, bridesmaid gift, a gift for mom, and more.

Besides this, you can store many kinds of jewelry in this trinket box.

You can also add it to your art collection for your decorative spaces.

Moreover, this is lovely trinket box can also be used as a shelf art-inspiring box.

You can store many kinds of precious things in this velvet-lined mystery box.

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