Gift this beautiful art box painted with a fine blue Hazara floral motif as a wonderful graduation gift box or a teacher gift box.
This cute pencil case is lined with a furry velvet from the inside.
You can store many kinds precious gifts including,pencils, pens and small jewelry items in this personalized box.

This pencil pouch is 8 inches in length.
You can use it as a back to school gift, stationary box, custom pencil case, trinket box and a small secrets storage box.

Rectangular shaped box. Black inside. Red/Blue/Green/Yellow theme with floral designs. Mostly showcased designs are meant for autumn fall like golden sycamore leaves.

Way of making:
We have used up-cycled Papier mache in crafting this article. We have waterproofed this paper mache box by enamel lacquer coating and it has been furnished to last for ages.
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Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 270 × 90 × 90 in

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