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Best gift for a friend:

Buy online this carved Mughal painting handcrafted gift box.


10 inches * 7 inches


We have made this handcrafted box from wasted paper pulp, wasted packing board, and some local wood. Then, we have turned the industrial wasted paper and board into a beautiful handcrafted box. This is very durable and strongbox. Besides, it is very lightweight as well.


Our artist has painted the Mughal court illustration depicting Emperor Akbar with Abu’l-Fazl ibn Mubarak presenting Akbarnama to Akbar, Mughal miniature painting. We have embossed the Mughal art and architecture on this painting with a great amount of work by our artist.


Keep your special and important things in these miniature painted boxes. Moreover, you can store office supplies, remote controls, DVDs, keys and anything else that needs to find an easy-to-access home. Mainly these boxes have been purposed to keep jewelry of different kinds. The boxes have been lined internally by velvety cloth.

Besides, we have made it the best gift for a friend of yours as every day is a friendship day.

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