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Crafted Mini brass bowl is an old style trinket bowl and a decorative dish

This beautiful decorative bowl is made from a combination of brass body and the paper mache bowl lining.
This is an excellent artistic bowl designed for great decorative purposes. You can use it as a kitchen bowl, enamelware bowl or as a trinket bowl.

This hand painted bowl is a serving bowl in which you can store and serve fruits and dishes.
This is an Indian brass bowl product. This large brass bowl has taken its inspiration from the Chinese beggar bowl.

Size: Vintage Begger bowl : 14 inches in length; 10 inches in width; 8.5 inches in height.

This is a blue floral handmade bowl. It can serve as a great piece of boho decor. We have made this by recycling the wasted paper mache.
We have used a brass lined bowl and layered that with paper mache and enamel. We have added the original gold metallic colors in the paint work.
This bowl is styled like a traditional beggar bowl.

The paint work is protected with lacquer.
You will enjoy the art and beauty of this bowl for a very long time. This piece is made to last for centuries.
Kashmir paper mache original handcrafted product.

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