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Elegant looking Paper mache Flower vase 30 inches – Free shipping


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Flower Vase:

Buy this elegant flower vase made with fabulous flower chemistry and crafting. Mughal arts have made this vase from paper mache Kashmir


height. 30 inches breadth: 10 inches


Paper mache


Shabe-gule-wilayat ‘

We have made some captivating floral motifs on those vases. These are 2 pieces sold individually. The floral work and the shape of both vary from each other as the vase is hand-crafted and hand-painted as were. you can find some fascinating flowers and bushes in multiple colours. We have used real gold colours while painting the spaces on the surface of these vases. You can see it here


The vase is supplied with brass lining. The lining fits into the mouth of this vase. You can use the lining to store fresh flower by adding water and storing it for a long time. This vase will be shipped in wooden packing due to its sensitive material formation.


  • For living room decoration
  • Office decoration
  • Carpet vase decoration
  • Welcome party for special guests decor
  • Art lovers vases
  • Great unforgettable gift vase
  • Flower vase for bedroom
  • Paper mache vases for sale

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