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Wooden box with lock system in place. This is a handcrafted miniature finely painted jewelry box. We have made some very fine geometric floral designs in varied colors on this treasure box. We have coated this jewelry box with lacquer to protect its artwork.
There is a velvety removable partition inside these paper mache boxes. You can store all kinds and sizes of jewelry in this jewellery box. It is mostly suited as a bracelet box.

We have made this Hand painted box from recycled paper board and wood. We have recycled the wasted packing material and converted it into the curated piece of art.
These boxes are painted with different types of Paisley designs. This is a completely unique display box with very fine art work on its surface.

You can use it as a great wedding gift, gift for her, gift for him, graduation gift, birthday gift etc. This is a perfectly unique vintage jewelry box made by Younis Mughal in
Kashmir in the year 2001 with no other match in world.

COPYRIGHT 2021: Kashmir Papier Mache
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