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Minimalist bridesmaid gifts ring box made of paper mache sycamore art


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We have designed this embossed minimalist sycamore leaf anatomy small jewelry box from papier mache.
Each of the boxes differ from another as all are hand-painted and unique in their own way.

*****Product Description******
• Size: 4 inches handmade jewelry box
• Use: Minimalist ring storage, watch box, Women jewellery box, earrings storage, small gift box, jewelry box, bridesmaid gifts etc
• Design: Rectangular shaped box. Black inside. Yellow golden theme with carved foliage designs. Mostly showcased designs are meant for autumn fall like golden sycamore leaves.
• Way of making: Paper mache hand-crafted article
• Waterproof: Enamel coats make it water proof.
• Lacquer coating makes it durable so that this art piece lasts for ages to come.

******* Shipping Policy*******

This product will reach our customers in US, UK, Europe and Canada in between 2 to 4 weeks once ordered.

However, you can opt in for express shipping with additional fee at checkout to get it delivered within 1 week only.


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