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Paper mache bowl set of 6, beautiful Paper art made Serving bowl


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This wonderful handmade serving bowl set is a paper art bowl crafted from wasted Japanese paper.
It looks like a stone bowl though it is a paper mache bowl.
It also resembles the ancient french bowl art. These form the excellent decorative bowls collection for your home.
This hand painted bowl has modern looks on one side even when it carries an ancient style of manufacturing and handwork.

We have coated this product with lacquer and varnish which makes it completely waterproof and ready to use.
You can use them as excellent pieces of home decor and gifting as well.
Sold as a 6 piece set.
Every piece is hand-painted, unique and different from another.
*****Product Description******
• Size: 4 inches wide at the top
• Design: Purple colour flora on a creamy white base.
• Way of making: Recycled newspaper waste turned into hard paper mache bowls

Though Spill-proof, we advise against using hot water and soup.
These are meant for serving fruits in a beautiful way. Also, for decorative purposes.
Lacquer coatings make them everlasting.



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