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Painted and Crafted Wooden elephant statue 1 feet tall – Free Shipping


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Wooden elephant:


Material of Wooden elephant statue:

This elephant statue weighs 6 kg. We have chosen walnut wood for its body. Walnut is considered one of the most durable wood types on earth. This elephant statue is a lifelong art piece.

Artwork of wooden elephant:

We have used acrylic camel colors , metallic gold colors and lacquer coats to increase its durability and form. This article will glow more and more with time. You can request for more customized requirements.

We have made this wooden handpainted elephant from walnut. We have carved this elephant with common carpentry tools. Than our paper mache artist has finished the floral motif paint work with kalamdani art.

This elephant is a Wooden Elephant sculpture. We have kept it for sale right now. This is an exclusively unique hand painted and carved elephant

We have made two pieces which are sold individually here. There is some color and pattern difference in both pieces. We request you to please confirm the piece .

You can use this art piece as home decor, office decor and for gifting purposes.

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