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kashmir papier-mche

Paper mache Jewelry box under making

Buy this classical art piece designed and crafted in Kashmir online at This is a very finely crafted box. I have painted it using poster black, acrylics and lacquer. This forms a great jewelry storage crafted article. You can gift to her, gift for him, use as bride gift, wedding gift, engagement gift, wooden box for gifting.

Jewelry box, Kashmiri Kalamkari,

Interesting forms of Kashmiri Kalamkari or Paper mache – Part 1

  Kashmiri Kalamkari or Papier Mache: Also known as the papier-mache or naqashi, munaqashi or kare kalamdani and Kashmiri kalamkari. We do Papier mache mostly on small decorative jewelry boxes, and some home d├ęcor items. Famous Naqashi art forms and designs used in Kashmir: Gul-andar-gul (gulandargul): We make the arrangement of different colorful floral schemes in close proximity between different… Read More »Interesting forms of Kashmiri Kalamkari or Paper mache – Part 1