Collection: Under $ 100 collection from Mughal Arts Paper Mache

Mughal Arts Paper Mache showcases a delightful collection of pieces under $100, boasting the exquisite craftsmanship and cultural heritage of the Mughal dynasty. Here are a few examples from their affordable range:
  • Miniature Decorative Boxes: These intricately designed miniature boxes are perfect for storing small treasures or serving as decorative accents on shelves or tables. Dressed with traditional Mughal motifs and vibrant colors, they add that charm to any space.
  • Ornamental Figurines: Mughal Arts Paper Mache has a range of ornamental figurines inspired by Mughal art and folklore. Miniature elephants, peacocks, and traditional Mughal dancers fill up space with charm and history in your home decor.
  • Hand-Painted Coasters: Add color and culture to your table settings with hand-painted paper mache coasters from Mughal Arts. Beautifully decorated with intricate designs and vivid colors, these coasters are both functional and decorative, ideal for gifts and your own collection.
  • Wall Hangings: Transform your walls with beautifully crafted paper mache wall hangings depicting scenes from Mughal miniature paintings or floral motifs inspired by Mughal gardens. These lightweight yet durable pieces add texture and visual interest to any room.
  • Decorative Plates: Adorn your dining table or display shelf with decorative paper mache plates featuring elaborate designs and vibrant colors. These plates can also be hung on walls for an artistic flair to your living space.
  • Christmas Ornaments: Mughal Arts Paper Mache also has a charming collection of Christmas ornaments for adding cultural diversity to your holiday decorations. Intricately painted baubles or miniature nativity scenes make these ornaments sure keepsakes.