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Antique Omar Khayam Nighttime Garden Painting on Wood - Kashmiri Artistry

Antique Omar Khayam Nighttime Garden Painting on Wood - Kashmiri Artistry

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Step back in time and immerse yourself in the poetic world of Omar Khayam with this captivating vintage painting, meticulously crafted on wood by the late artist Barkat Hussain in the scenic region of Kashmir around 2005. This exquisite masterpiece measures 24 inches in height and 18 inches in width, featuring a rectangular portrait that stands 24 inches tall.

About the Painting:
This remarkable artwork transports you to a serene garden under the veil of night, where Omar Khayam, the renowned Persian poet, philosopher, and mathematician, is depicted alongside his beloved wife. The scene is an ode to Khayam's celebrated verses about life, love, and the joy of shared moments.

The Artist - Late Barkat Hussain:
Barkat Hussain, a gifted artist from Kashmir, poured his heart and soul into this painting, capturing the essence of Khayam's philosophy. His skillful use of colors, textures, and fine details brings this scene to life, making it a testament to his artistic prowess and dedication.

Unique Features:

Intricate Details: Hussain's attention to detail is evident in the lifelike portrayal of Khayam and his wife, as well as the lush garden surroundings.
Nighttime Ambiance: The painting beautifully captures the enchanting atmosphere of a moonlit garden, with the couple enjoying a drink from a vase-shaped container, symbolizing the pleasures of life and love.
Vintage Charm: This painting exudes a sense of nostalgia, making it a perfect addition to any collector's or art enthusiast's space.

A Timeless Piece:
This painting is not just a work of art; it's a testament to the enduring legacy of Omar Khayam and the artistic brilliance of Barkat Hussain. It serves as a reminder of the profound themes of love, beauty, and the fleeting nature of life that Khayam's poetry has encapsulated for centuries.

Own a Piece of History:
Don't miss the opportunity to own this rare and enchanting piece of Kashmiri art. Whether you're a collector, an admirer of Persian literature, or simply seeking a unique addition to your home decor, this painting is a treasure waiting to be cherished.

Note: Due to its age and craftsmanship, this painting may show signs of wear, adding to its vintage appeal. Embrace the magic of Khayam's words and the artistry of Barkat Hussain with this one-of-a-kind painting. Order now and bring the timeless beauty of the night garden into your life.

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