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Enchanting green-themed floral jewelry box - Paper Mache Kashmir

Enchanting green-themed floral jewelry box - Paper Mache Kashmir

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Gift your wife or husband something unique with our enchanting green-themed floral jewelry box, a priceless work of art waiting for your own possession or to be given to those loved ones in your life. Our floral jewelry box is hand-crafted from a unique blend of paper mache and wood. Gently painted with delicate floral designs, the box would be an epitome of masterwork when it comes to artisanal craftsmanship. It can contain and protect many pieces of jewelry. It has painted coating layers of lacquer and varnish, shielding its artwork against wear and tear. Originally from the captivating landscapes of Kashmir, every box is made with heart, and this is lovingly crafted and shipped worldwide from our residence—ensuring its journey from artisan to admirer is as special as the piece itself. With its unique hand-painted design, this makes a personalized gift, showing artistry and uniqueness, where there is no other piece quite like it, we assure you. Embrace its charm and own one—it's yours and uniquely yours.

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